Councillors & Clerk (Liaison & Committees)


(Chair of Council) Councillor Howard Morris – 07740 922190

Councillor David Palmer – 01352 780634

Councillor David G. Roberts – 01352 781448 

Councillor Dylan H. Roberts – 01352 741482 (Independent)

Councillor Bob Robinson – 01352 780775 (Independent)

Councillor Wendy Sigsworth – 01352 780394 *

Councillor Delyth Taylor – 01352 781630 *


Councillor Brian Coleclough – 01352 780271

Councillor Glyn B. Coleclough – 01352 780271

Councillor Colin R. D’Arcy – 01352 780630

Councillor Matthew Lister – 07792 110354 (Welsh Labour)  

(Vice Chair of Council) Councillor Nicola Richardson – 01352 780353 *

* Denotes Co-opted Member

All Council business, including correspondence and telephone enquiry calls should be directed to:

Clerk and Financial Officer to Halkyn Community Council

R. Phillip Parry,
Ty Cornel,
51, St. Michael’s Drive,
Nr. Mold,
CH7 5BS.

Tel: 01352 720547

List of Council Members who serve on Local Committees and Outside Bodies

Aberdo and Bryn Mawr Quarry Liaison
Councillor Howard Morris

Flintshire County Council – County Forum
Councillor Colin D’Arcy / David Roberts

Halkyn Cemetery
Councillors’ Brian Coleclough / Howard Morris /
Wendy Sigsworth / Nicola Richardson

Halkyn Parish Hall Trust
(All Council Members)

Halkyn Parish Hall Management Committee
Councillors’ David Palmer / Nicola Richardson / Wendy Sigsworth 

Hendre Quarry Liaison
Councillors’ Howard Morris / Dylan Roberts

Joint Consultative Committee
Councillors’ Brian Coleclough / Wendy Sigsworth

Pant Quarry Liaison
Councillor Howard Morris

Pant y Pwll Dwr (Cemex) Quarry Liaison
Councillor Howard Morris

Pentre Halkyn Community Centre
Councillors’ Brian Coleclough / B. Glyn Coleclough / Howard Morris

Planning Sub-Committee
(All Council Members)

Police Community Consultative Group
Councillors’ Matthew Lister and / or Delyth Taylor

Rhosesmor Institute
Councillors’ Bob Robinson / Wendy Sigsworth

Rhos Helyg School Governor
Councillor David Roberts